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Designer Barbara Lee
Pearls on book.
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Barbara grew up in a seaside town in the Philippines where the oceans would often turn up with precious gifts of fresh catch and an occasional gem. The daughter of Chinese and Scottish-American immigrants, her education of beauty and culture was as diverse as their home. As a young adult, she moved to New York where she continued her academic studies, while she studied and performed as a ballet dancer.

She began her journey as a jewelry designer in the late 80s, bringing treasures and precious finds to San Francisco. Established under the Barbara Lee Designs brand, she held sold out trunk shows as early as 2015. An avid painter, Barbara has sold dozens of pieces to private collectors and patrons of art. When she isn't jet-setting and exploring quaint little towns or dancing the Argentinian tango, Barbara most enjoys tending to her English roses in Napa with the company of her husband, two daughters, and fur babies.


Thunderstorm by B.L., 2021

Barbara Lee's fur family - Zeus the pomeranian, Grace Kelly the terrier and Prince.

Zeus, Grace Kelly & Prince.

Artist Sketching
Gold Fabric


"In order to be irreplaceable, one must

always be different."

-Coco Chanel

Process Anchor


Every piece tells a story and that story is always filled with love. Our handcrafted jewelry is made with exceptional elements, whether sourced from sellers we trust or spotted in an antique market anywhere in the world. The craftsmanship and thoughtful care we put into each piece is often missed in larger brands that mass produce. Our guarantee is that each piece has been vetted by our designer and has been crafted, adjusted, and perfected by hand. 

We believe in sustainability and up-cycling. Every vintage cameo or charm that makes it to your piece was personally chosen, polished and reimagined by our designer. We believe that everyone deserves a little luxury and that the environment doesn't have to be over-harvested for that. One person's excess can become someone else's prized possession.

Believing in the invaluable preciousness of life, we support child victims of human trafficking and poverty, making sure that we play a role in ending the violence and providing safe environments for all to heal and create. With every purchase you make, a percentage will be donated to nourish and protect Filipino children.

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